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How to Save Text Messages to iPhone

What to Know

  • To save a message, tap and hold it until the menu appears, then select More. Right-click and select “Back” from the context menu that appears.
  • The selected messages appear in the body of a new message. Messages can be sent directly to the recipient or copied and pasted into a note.
  • Capture the screen by pressing the Home and Volume Up buttons at the beginning of the thread. For the rest of the thread, just keep scrolling down.

An iPhone running iOS 14 or higher can save text messages, including individual messages as well as entire conversations, by following the instructions in this article.

Does the iPhone Have a Way to Keep Text Messages that We Send?

To save a message or a group of messages on the iPhone, you must first select them one-by-one. As long as you use a workaround, however, you can save your text messages.

Taking screenshots of your iPhone’s messages is one method of archiving them. Useful if you want to keep track of message timestamps and layouts.

When you want to take a screenshot of a message, simply open the thread you’re interested in. Then, simultaneously press the phone’s Volume up and Home buttons. Screenshots can be taken by pressing this button.

If you want to save a conversation, you may have to scroll down and take multiple screenshots. This may not be the best option if you want to save long messages or threads, unless you need the timestamps attached.

What Is the Best Way to Save a Text Message on My iPhone?

If you don’t need the timestamps but still want to save an entire text conversation, the second option is to forward the text to yourself or another phone number. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Tap and hold one of the messages in the thread once you’ve opened the message thread on your iPhone.
  • Release the message when it wiggles to bring up a menu. To learn more, press the “More” button.


  • By tapping a message, you can save it to your phone.
  • The selected messages are included in the body of the message that is opened. It’s time to send your message!


You can also copy and paste the messages into a note on your iPhone by following the same procedure. It’s just as simple as copying the entire text block and pasting it into a new document in your notes application, rather than adding a recipient and forwarding.

The timestamps and formatting of messages won’t be saved, but at least you’ll have the text of the messages.

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