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How Does Optimized Battery Charging Work on iPhones?

At night, when you plug in your iPhone to a power outlet, why does it stop charging beyond 80 percent? A new feature called Optimized Battery Charging is at work. Please tell us more about your charging habits so that we can learn more about this and how it protects the battery of your iPhone
An iPhone’s Optimized Battery Charging is explained here.
The lithium-ion battery that powers our smartphones and tablets is the most vulnerable component. A rapidly depleting battery on an expensive iPhone can lead to significant dissatisfaction because they have a limited lifespan. All iPhones running iOS 13 or later have a built-in feature called Optimized Battery Charging.

It’s possible to improve the health of a battery by following these steps:

Using the iPhone’s built-in sensors, the device tracks how long you leave it plugged into a charger. When you’re about to go to sleep at night, for example.
When the iPhone is plugged in but not in use, the Optimized Battery Charging feature charges the battery to 80%.
For the sake of safety, it delays charging to 100% until you remove it from the charger and then resumes.
Optimized Battery Charging prevents the electrical current from causing the lithium-ion battery’s chemicals to react. The battery is then estimated to be fully recharged to 100 percent using an algorithm. The battery’s natural aging can be slowed by optimizing its chemical behavior.

Select Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimized Battery Charging to enable or disable Optimized Battery Charging.

iPhone 13

More Efficient Battery Charging?

Long periods spent plugged into a power outlet put undue stress on the battery’s capacity. According to an Apple blog post on Lithium-ion batteries, an Apple lithium-ion battery charges quickly for convenience, but slowly for longevity.

iOS 13’s Optimized Battery Charging feature enhances battery performance. Even with trickle charging, it stops charging the phone after 80 percent because it understands that you may not require a fully charged phone at this time. Just before you remove it from its charger, it begins to charge.

You’ll get the best results if you stick to a regular bedtime routine. You’ll be able to wake up with a fully charged phone thanks to this alarm clock.

Is Optimized Battery Charging Slower in the End?

Charging of the battery is halted by Optimized Battery Charging at 80%. Depending on the time of day you wake up, it will only charge the remaining 20%. This method, on the other hand, is a lot slower than fast charging, which can recharge your phone in a matter of minutes but at the expense of its battery life.

To get your phone to 100%, disable Optimized Battery Charging in iPhone’s Settings and wait for it to finish charging.

For Optimized Battery Charging to work, allow iOS to learn about your daily routine and especially your sleeping habits. If you have irregular sleeping hours, Optimized Battery Charging may not work properly. Also, if you don’t charge your phone while you’re sleeping, it won’t work either.

When you spend a lot of time at home or work, Apple claims that optimized charging is activated. For optimal charging to work, you must enable location services.

In AirPods Pro, what is meant by “optimized battery charging”?

For better battery health, the newer AirPods (Pro and third-generation) include an optimized charging feature, similar to that found in iOS 13. By default, this feature is enabled, but you can disable it or enable it again by going to Settings > Bluetooth > More Information on your paired iOS device (i). You can then enable or disable optimized battery charging.

So, what happens if I don’t use the battery charging optimization feature?

You can charge your iPhone to 100% without stopping at an 80% charge if you turn off optimized battery charging on your iPhone In this case, the iPhone won’t be able to learn your daily charging habits if you keep turning it on and off. Optimized battery charging is the best way to get the most out of this feature and keep your battery healthy at the same time.

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