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Delete Screenshots from iPhone

To remove a screenshot from my iPhone, how do I go about doing so?

Your iPhone screenshot collection can grow quite quickly if you take screenshots frequently. Fortunately, deleting screenshots from your iPhone is a simple process. Furthermore, the process is similar on all iPhones and iPads, so you’ll soon get the hang of it. You can do this.

Note: On both the iPhone and iPad, these instructions are the same.

  • Tap the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select Screenshots from the Snapshots menu.

Note: To find it, you may have to scroll down.

  • You can delete a screenshot by simply tapping on it.
  • The trash can icon is located at the bottom right of the screen. Take a look at the options.


  • To remove all of the screenshots, simply check the boxes next to each one.
  • To get rid of something, simply press and hold the trash can icon.
  • Delete the photos by clicking the Delete button.

Is There a Place to Save Screenshots?

As with all your photos, screenshots are saved in the Photos app. However, once you delete them, they are moved to a different location before they are permanently removed from your device. Here’s how to get rid of them or get them back.

  • Take a picture.
  • Take a look at Utilities.

Note: To find it, you may have to scroll down.

  • Tap the Recently Deleted tab.
  • Select by pressing the Select button.


  • Recover All or Delete All. Delete All permanently removes the files from your device if you choose this option.
  • When you use Recover All, you’ll get them back in your Photos app.

What Can You Capture with a Screen Capture?

All kinds of things. It’s possible to take a screenshot of anything that’s on the screen of your iPhone or iPad. If you take a screenshot of streaming content or password-related options, you’ll see a black screen instead of the content you were looking at.
Make sure to ask permission before taking a screenshot of something someone has sent you.
There are many reasons to take screenshots, such as documenting an event or sharing an amusing image with your friends.

  • Removing a photo is as simple as pressing the delete button.
  • The screenshot has been removed.
  • Remove Multiple Screenshots from Your iPhone Using this Method.
  • If you prefer to delete multiple screenshots at once on your iPhone or iPad, the process is very similar.
  • You can do this.
  • Tap the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.


Frequently Asked Questions:

The reason why I can’t remove screenshots from my iPhone is unclear to me.

To delete a photo from your iPhone, you must remove it from another device, such as a Mac. Remove the file from both your computer and your iPhone by connecting them.

What’s wrong with my iPhone when I can’t take a screenshot?

One of the buttons on your iPhone could be stuck, or there could be a software issue. To take a screenshot, simply swipe your finger across the screen.

Can I disable iPhone screenshots?

No. In iOS 12 and later, you can’t disable screenshots, but only when the screen is illuminated. To prevent accidental screenshots, disable Raise to Wake in Settings > Display and Brightness.

The screenshots I take with my iPhone are fuzzy.

Turn off Low-Quality Image Mode in Messages if your iPhone screenshots appear blurry when they’re sent in a message.

How can I take screenshots of an entire page on an iPhone?

Full-page screenshots can be taken on iPhone by taking a screenshot and tapping the preview in the corner before it disappears. You can save the page to your computer as a PDF file. All versions of iOS don’t have this feature.

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