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How to Upload Photos to Google Drive From an iPhone

From my iPhone, How do I upload a large number of photos to Google Drive?

A Google account and the Google Drive app on your iPhone are required to move photos from your iPhone to Google Drive. After that, it’s just a matter of following the instructions. So, here’s how it’s done:

What You Should Be Aware Of:
Tap the + symbol > Upload > Photos and Videos > tap each image to add it to Google Drive.
Use Google Photos to back up all of your photos in the cloud.
You may want to consider a paid Google Drive plan if you plan on backing up all of your photos.

Note: Use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data when uploading multiple files to avoid slow and time-consuming uploads.

  • Open Google Drive on your iPhone.
  • The multicolored + symbol is tapped.
  • To upload a file, click the Upload button.
  • To view your photos and videos, select the appropriate option by selecting Photos and Videos.


  • Allow access to all photos by clicking the “Allow access to all photos” button.
  • Take a look through the photos on your iPhone and select the ones you want to save to Google Drive.
  • To upload multiple photos at once, simply tap on each one at a time.
  • Upload by pressing the Upload button.


  • Your Google Drive account will now be updated with the new images.

Automatic Photo Sync from iPhone to Google Drive – How to do it automatically?

Use the Google Photos app for iOS to sync your iPhone photos with your Google Drive account automatically. Set it up like this.
Go to the “Photos” section of Google.

  • You can do this by clicking on your profile picture.
  • Go to the Google Photos settings.
  • Tap on Backup & Sync.
  • Turn on backup and sync.
  • Google Drive will now store your photos.


  • Depending on how many photos you have stored on your iPhone, this could take a while.

Can I use Google Drive to store all of my photos?

Definitely, but there are a few things to keep in mind first.
Storage considerations. Free storage space on Google Drive is limited to 15GB. Many people’s photo collections will be much larger than that. iOS users may prefer to pay for iCloud storage rather than purchase additional storage. Weighing your options is a smart move.
It will take some time before you see the results. When uploading a large photo collection, expect the process to take some time. Uploading photos via cellular data is not recommended; instead, use Wi-Fi to connect your phone to the internet.
Using Google Photos is a good idea. There are many advantages to using Google Photos, rather than manually uploading all of your photos and videos.
A Google account is required. Google accounts aren’t available to everyone. If you don’t already have a Google account, you’ll need to sign up for one to use Google Drive or Google Photos.

How do I use Google Drive to store a backup of my iPhone?

To back up your photos, contacts, and calendars, open the Google Drive app and select Menu > Settings > Backup > Start backup from the drop-down list. Your old contacts and calendars will be wiped out when you back up your device for the first time in a while.

On my Mac, how do I set up and use Google Drive?

The Google Drive app for Mac must be downloaded and installed before using Google Drive on a Mac. You can access your Google Drive files from any of your other devices by putting them in this folder.

My Google Drive on my iPhone is full of files that I’d like to remove.

Press and hold the file you want to delete in the Google Drive app. The Trash icon can be tapped to select additional files.

On my iPhone, how do I print from my Google Drive?

Open the Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides app and select the file you wish to print. Print by clicking the three dots and selecting Share & Export > Print.

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